Team Samantha
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How You Can Help

Many of you have asked how you can help Samantha in her fight.  In the past we've tended to ask primarily for you to keep her in your thoughts and prayers, but we recognize that now, more than ever, we need your help in other ways as well.  Here's how:

  1. Donate to Team Samantha.  We can't find a cure for Samantha's disease without your support.  Thank you.

  2. Register to ride or volunteer with Team Samantha on May 31st.  We would love to see you at the event.  The feeling of our friends and community rallying around us gives us strength, and the event is tons of fun for riders or volunteers of all ages.  Once you're registered, please consider sending an email to your friends to help sponsor your ride.  Almost half of our funds raised historically has come from our friends asking their friends for support -- we need your help!

  3. Help fundraise for Team Samantha -- even if you can't join us for the ride itself, please become a Virtual Rider for our team.  Fundraising is easy -- once you register as a virtual rider, you just send out some emails with a heartfelt note about why this cause is important to you with a link back to your fundraising page and viola! you're on your way.  Click here for some sample content which might be useful.  If you want any additional advice/help with content or photos, please e-mail AJ.

  4. Help us find business sponsors -- Do you own, work at or have a senior level contact at a company that would be interested in sponsoring Team Samantha and/or the FightPLGA "Geared up for Kids" Ride?  Please let us know by e-mailing AJ.

  5. Help us find other like-minded people who are passionate about this disease, including 
    1. Other families who have (or, sadly, had) a child with a  pediatric brain tumor
    2. People with relevant medical or scientific knowledge, cause marketing, or government lobbying expertise, and/or
    3. Foundations or wealthy individuals interested in funding pediatric brain tumor research. 

         Please let us know by e-mailing AJ.

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